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Our Story

Ya Joe was created for mature guys who want casual, fuss free apparel to comfortably wear anywhere we work and like to have fun.

Our design mantra at Ya Joe is to produce quality, easy to care for menswear consisting of stylishly essential items guys can enjoy every day.

All Ya Joe’s clothing must have a relaxed but not baggy fit, be fuss free for easy care and functionally designed to carry what we can’t leave home without.

After a long career spent in the apparel business, I thought if I couldn’t find the clothes I was longing for, I suspected other men may run into the same issues as me.

It wasn’t long before I teamed up with innovative menswear designer, Aaron Hicks and we co-founded Ya Joe to fit the modern guy’s needs.

So … where did the name Ya Joe come from? Every time I’d show my friends what we were designing they would say “Ya Joe”. And the character named Ya Joe, who has all the same apparel requirements we hope for, was born!

Aren’t we all a lot like Ya Joe?

Ya Joe, that’s me!

Joe Boldan

Co-founder, CEO

Ya Joe International, LLC